Values -  Treasure and Challenge for  Europe‘s Youth

Teaching - learning activity,

7 - 13 May 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria:


Participants:  30 pupils  ( 8 from the Check Republic,  4 form Germany, 2 from Turkey, 6 from Romania, 10 from Bulgaria)

7 May/Thursday/- arrival

8 May/Friday/

8.00 - 12.30      Morning activities:

ü  Getting to know each other - ice breakers;  

ü  Bulgarian icons, how to draw and save traditions; making post cards;

ü  Open air performance - pair work.

12. 30 - 13. 30    Lunch           

13.30 - 16.30      Afternoon activities                                      

ü  Talking about persistence – famous quotes, discussion, personal stories;

ü  Story writing on the topic;

ü  Creating mini-books and posters with the participants’ stories.

9 May/Saturday/             

10.00 - 13.30      Morning activities:

ü  DRITA School celebrates its 25th Anniversary on an open air concert ; all partners (pupils & teachers) will contribute to this event and show their appreciation;

14.30 - 16.30      Afternoon activities                                       

ü  " Your Goal Is..." - team tasks in Sofia city, prepared by secondary school students of DRITA School; to successfully complete the task every student needs focus on the goal, persistence, good communication skills, ability to work in a group and to follow instruction;

10 May/Sunday/   

8.30 - 17.30 Project related activity:Encountering Bulgaria’s history
Day trip to:

ü  Cari Mali Grad – an unique historical heritage that for a long time was only existent in folklore legends ( Students keep a trip diary reflecting on how values were taught through folklore);

ü  Rila Monastery, a symbol of the Bulgarian cultural identity (Trip diary - ways to preserve values in times of hardship);

ü  The cave of St. Ivan Rilski (Trip diary - persistence needed when pursuing your goal).

11 May/Monday/

8.00 - 12.30      Morning activities:

ü  Bagpipes – performance; introducing the instrument and talking about the qualities needed for acquiring such a skill;

ü  learning a traditional Bulgarian song and dance;

ü  A visit at The National Museum of History.


12. 30 - 13. 30    Lunch          

13.30 - 16.30      Afternoon activities                                      

ü  Art plainer;  Drawing and discussing nature, art, architecture;

ü  Origami workshop - cultures mix together; Sharing ideas.

12 May/Tuesday/

8.30 - 16.30

ü  "Living together means care, responsibility and tolerance , achieving means making an effort"- a whole day project related activity which includes shared responsibility about:

ü  planning a hike on the mountain, setting the rules;

ü  providing food and water  as well as other important things for the trip;

ü  climbing up the mountain so that all the group arrives in time and together;

ü  choosing a suitable place for an open air picnic;

ü  sharing food and drinks;

ü  cleaning after the picnic, packing and a trip back to the school.

13 May/Wednesday/-

ü  Certificate ceremony at school and departure.