Transnational Project Meeting in Mersin/Turkey
29.October  –  3.November 2015

Short summary of decisions

Progress report  
The National Agencies have assessed our progress reports positive.

Final  Guide  
A paper copy of the so far prepared guide has been handed over to each partner. It was agreed to go on preparing it in this way. Darmstadt will send the common report form with the name of the school at the bottom to each partner and asked just to use this form for future reports.

We decided to place the Erasmus logo more centrally and to have the background in “white”, the colours a bit brighter. Darmstadt will look after that and then send it to all partners.

Letter for disseminating information about our online guide
We prepared and agreed on the draft for the letter.:
Darmstadt will prepare this letter in English and will send it to all partners.

Evaluation of project activities
All partners have evaluated their project activities.
Blansko had a very high return rate of their “Questionnaire 3” (..for parents at the end of 1st project year) because they asked for completing it during a parent’s meeting.
We decided on not preparing s different questionnaire for parents at the end of the project.
We prepared and decided on a questionnaire for all teachers of our schools at the end of the project (Questionnaire No.4)

Blansko is caring for our eTwinning activities regarding disseminating information about the availability of our “Guide for Kindergarten and Schools”.

Europass Mobility
Reminder that we’ve put down in our project’s application that we will prepare Europass Mobility forms (see each partner’s national Europass website) for all participants of the Learning-Activity in Sofia and Blansko.

Leaning-Activity in Blansko
Blansko handed over the draft of their programme for the meeting in Blansko and asked for the number of participants to prepare accommodation.

Ideas for a new common project
Iasi suggested to start a new common project after the present one will have ended in summer 2016. We exchanged ideas about the subject and contents. The partners agreed that preparing an application for project start autumn 2017 would give enough time to prepared the application. Blansko offered thinking about being the project coordinator.

Any other business
At short notice it had been officially announced that Friday and Monday  - the two only school days during our meeting  - would be school free. Nevertheless it was enabled by our partner in Mersin that we could have our work session on Friday morning at school. This was not possible on Monday as well. That’s why we didn’t manage to complete the entire agenda but postponed to, our final meeting the discussion about which activities related to our guide worked well and which didn’t.