Transnational Project Meeting in Iasi/omania
12. – 17. March 2015

Short summary of decision


Project logo
We decided on Mersin’s draft for our project logo. Mersin will make some changes (removing the three words, changing the green color into a lighter shade and choosing a normal yellow not a neon one). Then Mersin will send the logo as a jpg-file to all partners.

All project logos will be put on our website (Button Logos) and will be included into our final product (as separator sheets)

Final product
We decided on the denomination of our final product.  We will call it “Guide”  
We decided on the guide’s overview structure .
At the meeting in Sofia we will decide whether to delete a column that is not needed or to keep it.
All partners will send their school logos as jpg-file to Darmstadt. The logos will be inserted in page “Partners of the project” in respective area.

Dissemination of final product.
All partners will register their school at eTwinning/TwinSpace  and we  will set up our network for disseminating our results. The reference link will be added when the guidebook is completed. The online-guidebook will be available on Stadtteilschule Arheilgen’s school server and on any other partner’s school server if desired.
The letter with information about our guidebook to inform teacher-training- and further-education-centres, local7regional/national educational bodies, the Directorate-Generale for Education & Culture in Brussel will be written by all partners jointly at the meeting in Mersin.
For our teacher’s library at our schools we will prepare paper versions with spiral binding

Project website
Button  “What’s new?”: announcing the dates for the next meeting
Adding one more button “Values of the E U” :The values will be added as mentioned at:

We will present selected results of our schools as follows:
button “Activities”, 
sub-button “denomination of activity”,
sub-sub-button “town of partner”

Monitoring and evaluation of project activities
We decided on Questionnaire 1 and Questionnaire 2.
Qestionnaire will be discussed at the meeting in Sofia. Sofia will send ideas in advance.

Tools for reporting
 “Mobility Tool” still not available

Dates for meeting in Mersin 
October 29th  (Thursday) – November 3rd  (Tuesday) 2015

Any other business
Our project’s gmail-account shall be used on a regular base for sending results.
The reports will be discussed more detailed at the meeting in Sofia.