Transnational Project Meeting in Darmstadt/Germany
7. – 12. November 2014

Short summary of decision

Project -Logo:
At the meeting in Iasi we will choose our project logo out of the winning logos of each school.
Blansko will check the possibilities if it will be possible that the making of the plaques for each school can be organized by Blansko.

Three rules:
Each class/group participating in the activity will choose each three rules.
Then each school will choose out of all these class rules the three rules of each age group
( Kindergarten, primary, secondary grade 5/6, 7/8, 9 and above)

Feedback reports for each activity:
Each teacher will fill in this form at the end of the activity he/she was involved in.
These forms are for each school only.
Then each school will discuss and prepare one form as summary of all the forms regarding the same activity divided by different age groups (see above) and will send it to all partners before the next meeting takes place.
At each meeting the contents of the joint feedback reports (final result overview) for the manual will be discussed and decided on.

Final manual:
Sofia will look for a suitable pattern for our common overview form till December 15th.

We decided on the contents  of our final manual:
1. Project title , logo etc.
2. The partners of the project
3. Contents
4. All activities (for each activity one common overview form and one form of each partner)
5. Acknowledgements

After agreeing on the address for our project website Darmstadt bought the rights to use and has started setting up our project website as discussed.
We have to be aware to respect copyrights.

1. Home  
     National flag of each partner linked with partner’s school website
2.  What’s new?
   (Information about project related activities from each partner. Each partner will send to
    Darmstadt what he/she would like to have presented under this button
3. Partners
    Cities of each partners linked with presentation of each school on project website
    Partners will send their presentations via our gmail-account and
    Darmstadt will upload it to ourproject website.
4. Objectives of our project (see application form)
5. Activities (general overview of all activities and results like photos, etc. …..)
    1st Term,  2ndTerm, 3rdTerm, 4thTerm
6. Visits (date, place and short summary of decisions)
7. Evaluation (forms only)
8. Final Manual (still in discussion)
9. Links (e.g. EU Erasmus+ website, English version)
8. Contact (project coordinator)

Blansko introduced the partners to our common gmail-account.
This account will be very helpful for sending bigger amounts of datas
March 12th – 17th 2015: Transnational project meeting in Iasi
May; 7th – 13th 2015: Learning/Teaching/Ttraining Activity in Sofia
?? October, 29th – November, 3rd 2015: Transnational project meeting in Mersin