Learning-Teaching-Activity in Blansko(Czech Republic
May, 12th – 18th, 2016

Short summrary of decisions taken at the teachers’ work sessions
on Friday, 13th and Monday, 16th

Each partner gives a short review
All partners have finished or nearly finished their activities of our project’s work

Reports for Guide for Kindergarten and Schools
 We’ve prepared jointly Part E  “General overview and conclusion” and 
 Part F “Acknowledgement “.

 Sofia has prepared a film about an activity. We agree to add information about the
 availability of videos prepared by partners in connection with an activity as follows:
 The video will be presented on Youtube. A report form with all relevant information about
 the activity and the link will be added to the guide.

The rights to use our project website have been bought for five years in November 2014.
 Blansko will save our final guide on its server so that it will be accessible by
 www.valuesatschool.eu also when our project website won’t exist any longer.

Dissemination letter
 We prepared jointly the final version of our dissemination letter.

Project website
We agreed on removing button “What’s new?” and on moving button “Final Guide” to that

Mobility Tool
As promised the project coordinator telephoned her NA.
The lady told her that each partner has to fill in only its own  part “ Budget”.   
Darmstadt will prepare the “Final Beneficiary Report” in English and send it to all partners.

Dissemination Platformhttp://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/
The link for our project website and our project logo have been transferred to the platform       The project coordinator discussed with her NA how to provide evidence of our  results.
Darmstadt will upload to the Dissemination Platform our guide “Exercising values at Kindergarten and Schools”, a copy of our plaque, the five questionnaires, the form for reports, photos of the presentation about “I would like my life to be like that in 10 years” and of  “Motivation-memos”, articles from our school magazine and local press about partnership and project, the dissemination letter (information letter).

 Darmstadt will give the link for ‘Comenius’ on their school’s homepage, will
 inform that we’ve saved the videos about “School Rules” and “Saving and wasting “ on a
 memory stick.

Blansko will publish  the link for and a short information about our final guide
on TwinSpace for dissemination reason.
www.valuesatschool.eu, button “Final Guide”

 We prepared an evaluation form for students at the end of the project and asked the
 students who attended the meeting to complete it. The results were discussed.
 Our common project evaluation is put on record as “General overview and common
 conclusion” in the guide.

 Next project
We discussed and agreed on the general framework of a new project.