Pupils´Attitudes and Values

For first two weeks class teachers together with the pupils surveyed and record positive and negative school incidents. Then class teachers executed them, discussed with pupils and sent to RNDr. Eva Láncošová (deputy headmaster).

These results were executed and discussed again at the Open space workshop by the groups of pupils. They focused primary on interactions between pupils and we came to this result:


At the lessons we disturb, shout, provoke, draw attention to ourselves, we comment thing without being asked, we don´t pay attention, we laugh when somebody makes mistakes. Sometimes all the class has to write test because of bad behaviour of one classmate. We don´t like when teachers compare our class with another one. We don’t like changing the rules.

At the break time we are noisy and disorderly, we provoke and hurt each another, make bad jokes. Some pupils feel lonely. We sneak, misnameeach other andwe argue, sometimes we tackle our conflict with the fight. We taunt and annoy our schoolmates, comment and bad-mouth (sometimes false), we have different opinions, it´s difficult to expostulate. We are often egoistic and phlegmatic. We hold somethings in low regard, don´t estimate it, we destroy the school decoration, throw things down the desks, we are messy.
Sometimes theft happens.
Some pupils can´t behave to teachers, they cheat and lie, they speak rude.
We still can´t greeteach other


The relationship between the pupils gets better, we speak together boys and girls, we support and help each other, we lend things, we stand up for our classmate (in case of misnamed). New friendships get started, we can expostulate. We can confess and excuse when we did something wrong, we are fair, honest. We don´t scare to say our opinion, we behave well to each other, we can estimate someone´s achievements, knowledge and creativity. We can confess our faults, we try to solve problems.

At the lessons there is kind and quiet atmosphere, we pay attention and obey the rules, we help each other with learning, we have a good time taking part in competitions

At the break time we quiet play together, we don´t want anybody to be lonely

There is a fun in the classroom, we help to decorate our classroom. We are on duty (in the classroom, in the cloakroom) and we help with the duties. We congratulate each other to birthdays, give the sweets.

We take care about young pupils, especially the 1st grade.

Our teachers prepare interesting lessons, they explain again the difficult things. We have the chance to correct our marks. There are great teachers, they greed each other and praise our achievements.

We help to recycle

We like our class and school activities


There are more positive than negatives, that´s great. Every class teacher surveyed the situation in his/her classroom, but there must be more mutual discusses to get our relations much better.


Základní škola Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka Blansko, Rodkovského 2, Czech Republic