Scoala Prmara ‘Hänsel und Gretel, Iasi
To respect the others and overselves
To use the “magic words”: Please, Thank you, May I help you?
To do our best at school and at home

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Vali Sabahattin Çakmakoglu Secondary School, Mersin

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Drita School Sofia
Honesty and integrity in the relationships.
Quality in everything we do.
Everyone matters.
Upbringing is as important as education:
We love what we do!

Stadtteilschule Arheilgen, Darmstadt

Meeting each other with respect
Sticking to rules ( ban on smoking in student’s toilets
Being helpful

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ZŠ T.G.Masaryka Blansko

We help each other and stand up for classmates.
We are fair and  honest.
We aren’t scared to say our opinion.
We behave well to each other.
We estimate someone´s achievements, knowledge and creativity..
We can confess our faults and try to solve problems.

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