My life in 10 years

Iamcomingbackfrom Frankfurt. The plane landed on time, so Iwillbehomebeforemidnight. Nevertheless, I stillhave to drive foranotherninehours. Itisgreat to drive a BMW, eventhoughitis just corporate. However, who has a car likethis and a joblike mine oneat my age?


Howtimeflies! Itis my birthdaytomorrow. I amturningtwenty-five and I amreallylooking forward to thecelebration. Mum and grandmawillprepareeverything just thewayonlytheycan. I amgoing tointroduce Alice, my girlfriend, to thewholefamily. Mum and grandmahavealready met her and theylike her a lot. It has onlybeenoneyearsince I finished my studies and met Alice. A fewyears ago my cousintoldmeabout a possibilityofbecominganaerospaceengineer. On my first business trip I met Alice,aninterpreter.


Yesterday I was in Dubai. My boss sentmethere to considerpurchaseofanolderaircraft. What a pieceofjunk! Itwas a wreckage! Only a foolwouldbuythat.Onemustalsothinkaboutthesafety. My boss trustsme. He values my professionaladvice and I amalwayshonest and sincere. He alsopaysmewell. He respectsme and I amloyaltowardshim and thefirm.


Now I amgoing to take a two-weekholiday. I likecelebrating my birthday on the 9th of July. Thereisalways a garden party. Onceagain I amgoing to enjoysomeunhealthy, yettastymeal.Grandmaalwayssousessomepork and chickenmeat and preparesdelicioussandwiches and canapés. Sheisgreat. All my lifewehavebeencelebratingourbirthdaystogether. Shewasborn on the 5th of July and shestilllooksgreat, regardlessofage!


I wasthinking and did not evenrealise I had beendriving 180 km/h. I quicklysloweddown. I amalready in Czech Republic. Themotorwaysherewillneverbelikethose in Germany, not speakingofthetrafficjams! I amlooking forward to riding my bike! In themorning I willtake 40 kilometres to stretch my legs. I reallymissedthe bike. It has beentwelveyearssince I fellforcycling. I owe my mum a lot. Itwasshewhotaughtme to eathealthily and to payattention to how I take care of my body. I amglad I did not start smoking and I do not indulge in drinkingalcohol. Those are therealkillers. Also, Istillremember my grandpaexplainingto methatthere arethree more “white” killers – flour, sugar and salt. Whilecooking, I try to avoidthemorat least to use themmoderately. I am so happy thatmumtaughtmehow to preparegood and most importantly – healthymeals.


I amdepartingfrom a motorway. In a second I willbehome, in Jedovnice. Thereis no place likehome. I shouldalsohave a lookatthelanddadtoldmeabout. I want to remain in Jedovnice. I want my children to grow up thereoneday and I wouldlike to bealwaysable to return therefrom my business trips. Itis my home. Itiswhere my familyis.Peoplewho I love and who love me live there. I ambringingthemsomepresents. I haveoneforGraphik, my loyal dog friend, as well. I am so lucky to haveallofthem! Withoutthem, my lifewouldbe so sad!

Jan Málek, 9.B (Základní škola Tomáše Garrigue Masaryka, Blansko, Czech Republic)


My life in 15 years


I wastiredlygoing to work, carrying a heavybag full ofmarkedtests and exercisebooks. Therewasalso apencilcase in it, with my favouritepenthat I had gotfromanoldfriendof mine. Onceagain I wasthinkingabout my life. I hadfinished my studies and fromthen on my lifewasgoing to beallaboutmarkingtests, creatingnewtests and dealingwith my colleagues. Itstartedraining. I pulledout my umbrellaoutofthebag and I continuedwalking. Theraindropsweregentlytapping on theumbrella as I rememberedwhatit had beenlike to bereturninghomefromschool, carryingnothing but my schoolbag. I wasgettingcloser to theschool. Itmusthavebeenabouthalf past sevenwhensomelittlechildrenwaitingoutsidetheyouth clubstartedgreetingme. Itwas nice. After a short stop in theteachers’ roomI heardtheschool bell ringing and I headed to theclassroom.


Itwashalf past two and I finallygothome. Luckily, my daywas not as long as itisusually. I took my shopping bag and I went to a shopnear my house. I just lookedintothe garden to findoutwhereour dog was. Itlookedlike he was in thegarage, lying on a couchwe had puttherebeforewemoved in. At that moment my boyfriendcalledme. During a shortconversation I foundoutthat he wouldbelatebecause he had gone to a bar with his friends. I finishedthe shopping and returnedhome. I tookallthethingsneeded to be done by thefollowingdayoutof my bag and I startedworking. After a whilethephonerangagain. Itwas my friendfromcollege, askingme to go outwith her. Why not, I thought to myself. My workwasalmostfinished, so I appliedsomemakeup, dressed up and stormedout. I satinto my black BMW and I picked up my friendalongtheway. Together, wedrove to a near restaurant to havesomechitchat.


I was very tiredwhen I returnedhomearound 10 pm. I took a bath, put on my pyjamas and went to bed, thinkingabout my greatlife, whichonlylackedchildrenof my own. I alreadywas a goodteacher and I just hoped tobecome a perfectmother as well.

Viola Štrajtová, 7.B (Základní škola Tomáše Garrigue Masaryka, Blansko, Czech Republic)