What is he rationale of the project,
in terms of objectives pursued and needs to be addressed ?

Values provide support and help people to find their way in life. They serve as a guideline and orientation. Values are taught not only within the family but due to the changing society here must especially kindergartens and schools be increasingly active.
The cultural formation at our schools becomes more and more heterogeneous due to migration. The diversity is something positive for our communities and shouldn’t lead to conflicts. That’s why our pupils should be aware of what Europe means and what common core values we all share.

The displacement of traditional values is the cause of many problems at all partner schools: For declining pupil’s achievement, lack of sense of community, poor sense of responsibility. Too many pupils don’t follow rules, are intolerant, there is a lack in determination to respect other people and things and in single-mindedness. This leads also to premature school leaving without adequate qualification.

Each partner has tried to achieve improvements for its institution. But we need more hints why results are not as hoped. When teachers and pupils from other schools and countries, from outside, will look actively and not routine-blinded into what’s happening at their partner schools, we will gain new ideas and solutions.

Too many pupils are not well enough prepared for the challenges of life after leaving school. For too many pupils it’s a shock starting vocational education, when they realize that turning up too late at the workplace, rude behaviour, unsatisfactory performance, avoidable mistakes due to lack of interest in the matter will no longer be tolerated. For our underachieving pupils, who already have problems gaining an apprenticeship at all, it’s especially a problem when due to such behaviour and attitudes they won’t finish school or carelessly cancel their training.

We want to enable our pupils to master an active, them personally satisfying life as European citizens by attaining certain attitudes. We want to empower them to approach other people openly and respectfully and not just to think that their own views are the measure of all things.

It is important to know: Which behaviour do societies tolerate and which not.
When we prepared this project we increasingly became aware of how much the issue ‘values’ occupies people of all ages because they realize that the value they grew up with seem to have a different or no meaning in our society today. But they think that these are still important for living together.

Kindergartens, primary schools and lower secondary levels are particularly challenged to work preventively in this area.

Furthermore: The number of pupils greatly increases who have difficulties in understanding texts and to express their responses and who are therefore less successful at school. Language acquisition and teaching subjects – also such as art and sports – must be seen in close connection to enable a targeted encouragement of our pupils to achieve better results at school. Because of this we will also pay attention to promote language skills of our pupils while participating in the activities..